five star service standard

We aim to work on each case from start to finish as quickly as possible. We do this by not taking on more cases than we can handle and by applying the following approach:-

  • We will actively push your case to a conclusion as quickly as possible.
    We will chase the other solicitors and you will not need to chase us.
  • We will deal with your case quickly and efficiently
    The same day you give us the go ahead, we will start work for you right away.
  • We will keep you informed of progress in the way you prefer.
    We use the most efficient ways to do this, eg SMS and email,
    so we communicate with you quickly and not just rely on the post.
  • We will deal with your case thoroughly.
    We look at documents carefully, advise you of any issues and deal with the case in your best interests.
  • If you phone us, your call will be taken by the person dealing with your case or returned the same day rather than being forgotten.