what our clients say about us

I’m very happy with you, very well done and hope to see you very soon.
Client Name: Mrs Fazeelah Patel, July 2010, Ref: P0199 0002

Want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for wonderful work.
Client Name: Mr Tambe Nyong, Feb 2011, Ref: N0063 0001

Excellent service. Definitely will come back to you again.
Client Name: Nizamul Choudhury, August 2010, Ref: C0076 0001

Communication excellent, appointments were given at good time. The whole process was dealt with efficiently and with discretion.
Client Name: Ms L Rowlerson, July 2010, Ref: R0083 0001

I am very impressed with the way they handled my case, especially the amount of time it took to complete. It was very quick and all I can say is that you have done a fantastic job.
Client Name: Mrs S Hanif, July 2010, Ref: H0120 0001

Very quick and prompt service and all aspects of work required are explained. So it is easy to understand how the law works.
Client Name: Mr K Jadav, Sep 2010, Ref: J0051 0001

Great service throughout, helped with everything and made my life a lot easier. I would advise anybody to use Idris & Co.
Client Name: Mr I Adam, September 2010, Ref: A0247 0001

Very co-operative and helpful, made me feel at ease and gave me relevant advice.
Client Name: Mrs N Bashir – Kabir, Dec 2010, Ref: B0144 0001

I have been very happy with the service I received. I am already considering having Idris & Co as my advisers on different issues.
Client Name: Mrs M Fogg, Feb 2011, Ref: F0024 0001

You were really helpful and the documentation was also very good.
Client Name: Mrs L Bi, March 2011, Ref: B0146 0001

The services provided by Idris & Co were exceptional from start to finish. The firm is very professional and courteous. The liaise with you constantly and keep you informed about every matter. They personalise the service to meet your individual needs. They are friendly and approachable and I would recommend this law firm to anyone.
Client Name: Mr Z Patel, March 2011, Ref: P0203 0001

The service was very efficient. We liked the fact that we were kept informed through the whole process. Mr Idris was very approachable and explained the buying process to us clearly. As first time buyers, this was very important to us. Idris & Co were recommended to me by a friend and I was not disappointed.
Client Name: Mr Z Seedat, Feb 2011, Ref: S0299 0001

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